2. Why Squarespace?



There are so many platforms out there to build your website on. From Wordpress and Wix to Drupal and Rainmaker here some factors to help you decide.

Here's what you'll discover:

  • The most commonly used platform is Wordpress. The platform is very customizable but can be a challenge to teach a client how to update their site by themselves. 
  • DIY platforms such as Wix or Weebly are great to get started since they have free options. But if you plan to stay there make sure you upgrade so you don't have their ugly branding plastered all over YOUR website. 
  • You can also go with more complex systems like Drupal or Rainmaker. These are platforms that you'll most likely want quite a bit of experience in web building before trying to tackle. 
  • Last but not least we have my personal favorite, Squarespace. While it does have it's limitations, Squarespace allows you to create beautiful websites that are easy to maintain. 


What platforms do you have experience with?



Dalton KaufmannComment