2. Why I Prioritize These 3 Platforms



My top three platforms are not necessarily the same as your as we may be different brands. Your platforms need to tailor to your specific brand. With that being said my top three are Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram/Snapchat (I know I said three but I'll explain). 

Here's what you'll discover:

  • Twitter - No shocker here. Unlike Facebook Or LinkedIn where you have to pay for ads, Twitter is the best for targeting a certain audience completely for free. Twitter is where I have the biggest and most engaged audience. 
  • Pinterest - People spend less time on this platform therefore, it's less crowded. I use Pinterest as a great example for branding. Whether it's business cards, logos, or websites it gives you a feel for who I am. 
  • Instagram/Snapchat - I love to hate Instagram for it high-quality visuals. And since I'm not a photographer I tend to go long periods of time without posting. I'm loving Snapchat for the ability to tell raw stories without needing excellent production. It's a constant battle for me. 

Last video you determined which three platforms but now tell me why you chose those.  



I go into detail on choosing your priority platforms, and elaborating on my own, in this presentation at Full Sail Hall Of Fame 8: