6. My Rules for YouTube



YouTube is tough because it's over saturated, that is the challenge but the good news is is that it's actually more than just a website for videos. It's considered to be the second biggest search engine on the internet next to Google.

Here's what you'll discover:

  • If you just started creating content on YouTube don't compare yourself to the people who have been there for six, seven, and eight plus years. They have a distinct advantage over you. 
  • YouTube is not only a site for entertainment but a literal search engine. If you choose to make YouTube a priority platform think of questions you audience wants answers to and go from there. 
  • Just start creating content on YouTube then we can talk about strategic optimization and for all the other content you create here. 


Is YouTube one of your priority platforms why or why not?



YouTube has developed its own training program called Creator Academy, and it's free.

Dalton KaufmannComment