8. My Rules for Facebook



I rarely encourage people to make Facebook their primary platform of choice, unless they're using a business page, which enables you to advertise for still, a lot less money than it costs on other platforms.

Here's what you'll discover:

  • If you're using a business page on Facebook just be aware that you will need to be pay to be seen. It's not much but three to five post boots per week seems about average. 
  • Just posting isn't going to cut it. Facebook is too oversaturated with content for your audience to see yours. 
  • To almost make sure that your audience sees your content you can do like many other people an create a group. 


Do you have a Facebook business page or group? Please the URL below so others can track you down.



What makes Facebook and Twitter so damn addictive? A very interesting theory.

Dalton KaufmannComment