6. How to Make a Shot List



You know what's going to make your photo shoot run a whole lot easier? A one sheet with everything detailed on exactly what it is you're doing. Lucky for you, you've got a template to work from that we have given you based on what we've used with our own clients and has worked fantastic.

Here's what you'll discover:

  • We usually call this a call sheet and on it it has contact information, a call time, so what time the photo shoot is going to start, as well as location details, parking information, a props list, sometimes it details equipment needed for the shoot, and most importantly it has both a timeline and a shot list.
  • The timeline lets us know when things are scheduled to happen so we know that we stay on time, and the shot list acts as a to do list so that we get everything we need for your project. I can't stress enough that this needs to be planned beforehand. There's nothing worse than coming out of a photo shoot looking through your final selects and going, "Darn it. I forgot this photo." 
  • Be organized and go into the shoot with a plan, in fact a to-do list known as your shot list, which itemizes everything you need for that project.


Have you started thinking about the exact shots you want?



Shotlist example:

Shotlist template (blank):

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