5. Cardinal Rules of Photography



Now that you've all become pros to book that photographer who's going to be just perfect for your re-brand, let's talk about my cardinal rules for photography. These are going to be tips you can pass along directly to your photographers so that you can get exactly what you need for your website. 


Here's what you'll discover:

  • Rule number one, get right and left justified photos. Photographers who maybe aren't as experienced shooting for the web might plant you center in the middle of all of these photos. We don't want that. We want you left and right aligned so that it's leaving room for text, say on a web banner.
  • Next, ask for landscape photos, not for portrait. We have about two uses nowadays for portrait photos. We can either crop it as a square and make it your display photo or it can go on your about page.
  • Keep in mind we're having to design nowadays for social media profiles that require a banner, like Twitter and YouTube. These are tricky to design for if you don't have the photos to suit these resolutions.




Tips For Your Photographer


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