1. What Makes A Brand Memorable?



You’re most likely competing in a very crowded space, depending on your industry. It's crucial to make a strong first impression that will help you stay top of mind. In this video, I run through a few of my favorite brands that are doing a great job of visual branding in a memorable way.

 Here’s what you’ll discover

  • Photography can help you recreate the in-person experience. I use Parachute as an example of using strong photography to reinforce a high quality product.
  • Another home product that I love that I bought from a Facebook ad is called Quip, it's a tooth brush. Quip is equal parts cool and clinical. It is cool and edgy and they use fluorescent colors to highlight and to stylize the product. This is not your everyday run of mill tooth brush. It's something you want as soon as you see it. I was one of those people so I bought it. In particular, go to their website, have a look at what makes this brand fantastic, I think you'll agree.
  • Finally, I'm going to finish with one of my very favorite bloggers who's based in Los Angeles, Bri Emery created Design Love Fest a few years back. She is the official queen of photography. Go to her blog, Design Love Fest, it hasn't changed format in years. I think people would be up in arms if it changed so it's really cool that she's kept the same website theme, very bare bones but really updated and styled with photography. Go check out her brand, the visual consistency makes all of us jealous.

Those are three brands that for me are memorable. Now I want to find which brands are memorable for you. I'm always looking to find out from others. Make sure you tell me below. Looking forward to it.

Things to remember:

  •  Your brand is an extension of your company. Everything that exists in real life needs to be communicated through your branding which now means everything including your website, your Instagram feed, any form of traditional advertising or online advertising.
  • Consistency is key. Consistency in branding will make you money just ask the companies I just named where I've spent a lot of money purely based on their brand name.

What is your favorite brand? Tell me why.