2. How Do You Set Goals?



There are a lot of goals to chose from and if we have too many it often results in us not taking action at all. Which is the opposite of what we want.  Your goal is not to make a website, if it is that's about to change. Your goal instead would be to make it easy for people to understand your services. The action would be to make a website. 

Here's what you'll discover:

  • Your goals are related to who your audience is. Before you start selling or creating, the very first thing you need to know is who it is you're trying to appeal to. That way you market yourself to a group of people that actually care.
  • Define your audience. These are the people that actually care what you're offering them. If you're marketing towards millennials, your approach will be different than if you were trying to reach retirees. Give that some consideration.
  • The difference between a goal and an action. A goal is what you're trying to achieve, an action is how you're going to make it happen. Give some thought to exactly what it is you're trying to accomplish and remember the more specific, the better.

What is your goal?