5. Finding Your Brand Heroes



Brand heroes are in the same industry as you, they might be bigger, they might be fancier, but the fact is they spend a lot more money to make decisions that are almost always public facing.

Here's what you'll discover: 

  • These brands inspire us for our own brand. For example, the navigation on their website, the fonts they use, their Pinterest, their Instagram, their Twitter feed. All of this is public. We can all go look at it and not copy anything, but we can be strongly inspired by what they're doing well.
  • Specifically make note of what you like, take screenshots and put them into a folder, or better yet compile them on a secret Pinterest board.
  • You will notice similarities, consistencies between what you've pinned or compiled among your very favorite brands. Those similarities are what should inspire your brand moving forward.

Things to remember:

  • Again, we're not copying anything, but we can be strongly inspired by what others are doing well.
  • Look at your favorite brands as well as ones that offer the same products or services as you.


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